Vygcarraashs Debt

During a previous adventure, Vygcarraash the Dragonborn Paladin incurred a significant debt to Lord Pedrag of Winterhaven.

Vygcarraash returned to Winterhaven of after being alerted to the presence of the undead laying siege to the city. A staunch defender of the weak, and his ever-burning desire to destroy the undead led him to leave his stubborn party members in the Keep on the Shadowfell, and set off alone to defend the city. Making short work of the city’s attackers, Vygcarraash quickly learned that the city’s nearby graveyard was host to an unholy ritual that was raising the dead to keep attacking the city. Vowing to break the siege once and for all, Vygcarraash set off to purify the graveyard, taking two members of the Winterhaven City Guard, Taran and Tino, with him.

The graveyard was more treacherous than was anticipated. As if Skeletons, zombies and gravehounds weren’t dangerous enough, they were led by a zealous worshiper of Orcus. Tino was killed by gravehounds, which Vygcarraash and Taran eventually managed to dispach, but not without significant bloodloss. Battered and heavily bloodied, the pair took shelter in a small mausoleum, and sealed themselves inside for a breather. Swearing an oath of vengance on top of his preexisting oath to destroy any and all undead, Vygcarraash and Taran burst out of their shelter, and slew the remaining monsters. Taran was then killed by the Zealot’s crossbow. Flying into a blind rage, Vygcarraash relentlessly attacked the Zealot in an epic slugfest of a duel lasting over 10 minutes.

A victorious but heavily damaged Vygcarraash returned to Winterhaven carrying the bodies of Taran and Tino on his shoulders. Vygcarraash insisted that the pair be resurected, despite them being NPC’s too poor to pay for the ritual. Vygcarraash sold several of his magical items, including his prized holy symbol, but this was still not enough to cover even one resurrection. Vygcarraash convinced Lord Pedrag to loan him the gold to cover the two rituals, shouldering the debt himself, and forbade his party members from paying. Taran and Tino were extremely grateful.

After shutting down the portal to the shadowfell in the bowels of the Keep, Vygcarraash struck out on his own to gain enough wealth to pay off his debt to Winterhaven. Along the way, he met up with the human warlord Malek Isrod, and is believed to be instrumental in the calamity surrounding the city of Ashenport. In that city, he met the merchant Terza. After proving himself a valuable asset, Terza hired Vygcarraash as a bodyguard / caravan protector, a well paying job, where he made more than enough coin to pay back Pedrag.

Upon hearing that The Grey Hand had transformed the city of Winterhaven into a constant party, Vygcarraash returned, and paid down his debt.

Vygcarraashs Debt

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