The Macguffin

The Macguffin is the first encounter the party faces, and kicks off the campaign. The goblin Sploog seeks revenge for the killing of his brother Splug He is unfortunately completely outmatched. In the crowd of zombies, the party can spot and remember particular enemies they had previously fought.

Encounter Composition
15 – 20 Zombie Goblin minions
Location: Any old Road
Difficulty: Easy
XP: 100 Each

Tactics: Sploog hangs far in the back and casts weak ranged attacks at the party, who should be tied up with minions. Once Sploog realizes he’s outmatched (say, after 5 minions are easily dispatched), he starts hastily casting a spell/ritual. This should get the party’s attention, and draw their fire. If he is attacked while casting this, a portal rift occurs, and pulls everyone through to the Feywild. Sploog, being at the center of this catastrophe, is eviscerated by the malfunctioning portal.

The portal malfunction scatters the party over a square mile or two of the Feywild. The zombies ALSO came through the portal, so the fight may not be over for some of the party. After killing off, or abandoning the zombies, the party must regroup using Skill Challenge : Strangers in a Strange Land

The Macguffin

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