Dangerous Transportation

The Story So Far

After a rather successful adventure into the heart of the Thunderspire Mountain, the Grey Hand Adventuring Company returned to Winterhaven with wealth, fame and in the mood to kick back and relax for a while. The adventurers essentially turned Winterhaven into a town of nightly feasts, drinking contests, and general revelry in the streets, attracting many new faces into town. During daylight however, the members of The Grey Hand took this opportunity to fine tune their combat skills, and retrain some of the bad habits they had picked up over their trudge through the labyrinth (except Aknar, who instead chose to retrain himself by brawling in the bars and streets every night until dawn). News of the commotion brought Vygcarraash back to Winterhaven, with enough gold to pay off his debt to Lord Pedrag.

After some time, Ctharyan decided it was time to heed the letter he received from his old thieving crew The Stakes, and return to his homelands near Cormyr.

Now You’re Playing with Portals

Encounter: The Macguffin
After seeing him Ctharyan off at the nearest port, The Grey Hand was accosted by the goblin necromancer Sploog. A student of the Dread Priest Kalarel, and brother of the goblin Splug, Sploog was furious over the destruction of the Keep on the Shadowfell. He spent all his time and resources reanimating the slain inhabitants of the Keep, and ambushed The Grey Hand, blaming them for the death of his brother, friends and mentor.

Unfortunately for him, Sploog was woefully outmatched. Despite his superior numbers, his reanimated minions were no match for the Grey Hand. Quickly realizing this, Sploog attempted to flee using a short teleport ritual. However, while casting, his ritual was interrupted by Vealkarion’s arrows. The teleport ritual failed catastrophically, scattering all nearby creatures over a few miles in a misty vale in the Feywilds.

Skill Challenge: Strangers in a Strange Land
Disoriented and confused and separated, the Grey Hand easily finished the battle with the reanimated goblins, and used their wits to find their way out of the foggy forest, and regroup near a small lake.

Encounter: Stalkers
However, the party members were reckless, and unaware of the dangers inherent in the Feywilds. While stomping through the wilds, a pack of Fey Panthers stalked the party to their rally point near the lake.

Encounter: First Response
Immediately after dispatching the Panthers, the party is set upon by an elite squad of powerful Eladrins called the Weave Wardens. They teleport from seemingly nowhere, and attempt to grab the party members, and hold them at knife point. The Wardens are a group of inter-planar guardians who monitor for breaks in the fabric between realms. The portal failure caught their attention, and were on the scene within minutes, watching the adventurers bumble through the unfamiliar misty forest.

After a brief interogation, and confirming that the adventurers are hapless victims of a portal malfunction, are not carying interplanar contraband, Enkoro the leader of the Weave Wardens lets the party go on their way, informing them that a powerful creature came through the rift as well, and is probably using The Grey Hand as a patsy. Enkoro advises The Grey Hand to steer clear of the forests until they are more comfortable and familiar with the Feywilds, and suggests they find shelter,and assistance getting back home in the nearby city of Mithrendain to begin Act 1 – The Autumn City


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