Act 1

The Autumn City

The party makes their way to Mithrendain, and begin to get their bearings in the foreign city. Traveling through town, they notice that the population is comprised almost entirely of Eladrin, and by the looks they are getting, don’t see travelers very often. Passersby frequently stop what they are doing to look at the strange new people in town, and chatter with others about what they could be doing in the city. In this Act, the party learns that getting home may be a little difficult.

Skill Challenge: Welcome To The Waystop
The party learns of an outsider-friendly inn called The Waystop. The inn’s owner, Kagen Blackblade has plenty of stories to tell, but is always hungry to hear the tales of others. Each party member may tell a story to Kagen to reduce the daily rate.

Kagen informs the party that Mithrendain is a remote, self sufficient city, with few caravans per year reaching the city. The city occasionally runs an airship to Astrazalain, but its not for just anybody. The party must convince the City Council to allow them passage on the airship. Astrazalain is the party’s best bet for getting back home, as it is famous for being in phase with the natural realm 6 months out of the year. It is also a bustling principal Eladrin city, should the party wish to remain in the Feywild at the adventures conclusion.

The party then meets with the City Council, though the council only holds audience from certain hours.

Act 1

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