Bold and Brazen Dragonborn Paladin.


Courage. Honor. Strength. Of all the races in the realms, none cherish such virtues as these as the Dragonborn. And among the Dragonborn, few rival the tenacity to uphold these virtues as Vygcarraash.

Fortune sought out Vygcarraash, placing him under the foster-care of Bharhash and Diesa Stormweave. Trained in martial combat by Bharhash and instructed in the divine arts by Diesa, Vygcarraash grew into a warrior that embodied the principles of both.

Early in their son’s training, Bharhash realized that the young dragonborn’s fighting potential far exceeded the likes of the mere physical aspects. Ever present was the youngling’s temper, swinging his weapons with such abandon and contempt that were it not for the prominences of his golden scales, Bharhash would have pegged the boy as a descendant of some merciless red dragon. No, it wasn’t just how his body moved, it was the boy’s eyes. Unlike the usual bright yellow, as would be derived from the color of the dragonborn’s scales, a deep shade of crimson adorned those two orbs. The unusual color of his eyes were not the only physical peculiarities gave the impression that his pupil was unique though, for atop the boy’s head outstretch two growing horns, indeed such a characteristic was truly a sight for any dragonborn of any realm. Dragonborn don’t grow horns.


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