Malek Isrod

Pragmatic and cunning, he wins battles through tactical planning.


Malek focuses on both foresight and adaptability in his approach to combat. He prefers to use clever plans to turn a fight to his advantage, but when things go awry, he’s capable of thinking on his feet. He values the safety and effectiveness of his allies greatly, and focuses his efforts in battle on protecting them and complementing their strengths. His demeanor both in and out of combat is self-assured and rather talkative.


Born in Luthcheq, Chessenta, Malek lost both his parents at a young age to the effects of the Spellplague. His Uncle Dargha, a strict and serious man, raised Malek and trained his body and mind. In his uncle’s footsteps, Malek attended Chessenta’s prestigious War College where he studied history and military tactics.

Though magic use was highly regulated and discriminated against in Chessenta, its power on the battlefield piqued Malek’s curiousity. When his Uncle Dargha passed away, Malek left Chessenta to hone his combat abilities, expand his knowledge of the world, and explore magic use firsthand. He now belongs to a party of adventurers called The Grey Hand.

Malek Isrod

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